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ID Verification Technology

Over the past decade, the demand and need for online training has continued to increase. More and more companies choose to bring in contract-based workers and operate during non-standard work hours. These shifting company needs mean that worker training has shifted, too. Online courses have made onboarding and training processes more efficient, convenient, and cost-effective, but this digital solution has also made portions of training uncertain. When workers complete training away from a classroom, how can companies be sure the people taking the training are who they say they are? The answer is with ID Verification Technology.

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Key Features

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Mobile Friendly

Works across all mobile devices, tablets & computers. Hardware flexibility is key in today’s age and we have got that mastered.

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Privacy by Design

Data encryption is not enough. Our partners & learners are protected through our use of Privacy by Design architecture.

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On Demand

No scheduling ever required. ID Verification & Proctoring services available 24/7.



The most cost effective online ID Verification & Remote Proctoring solution in the world.

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User Experience

No installation required & compatible with all internet browsers. Learners never have to leave
your LMS.


Level Identity & Participation Verification

Our patent pending 3 Level Identity & Participation Verification Process makes Integrity Advocate the most efficient & effective online verification solution on the market today.


Ethics Enforcement

ID Verification flags deceptive behavior during training sessions. Examples of such behavior include a user placing images in front of the camera or a new person appearing after the user showed their ID. In monitoring and flagging these types of behaviors, the virtual proctoring software helps you identify and prevent unethical behavior early in a worker’s career. When the software identifies questionable behavior, system administrators then review the flags to clear or follow up on them.

Legal Protection

With online training, usernames and passwords are not enough to confirm the identity of users or verify participation. However, ID verification technology makes it possible to comply with regulatory training requirements. If a workplace incident does occur, your company possesses recorded proof that the individual underwent and completed the required training, providing a defense against potential litigation.


Due Diligence

The importance of safety compliance is nothing new to HSE professionals, but policies and training alone are not enough to prevent workplace incidents and accidents. Meta-analytical investigations have shown that the level of employee engagement in safety training is directly related to performance within organizations. ID Verification software ensures that workers are engaged with online training, resulting in enhanced safety performance overall.

Partnerships Matter

As one of six finalists of the 2016 OSPA (Outstanding Security Performance Awards) in the Best Integrator/Solution Provider category, Integrity Advocate brings another layer of security to the services HSE International already offers clients.

We were intentional in the use of a third-party identity verification and proctoring provider so the results could be reviewed by an objective entity outside of HSE International and your company. This also eliminates the centralization of personal information, thus maintaining compliance with global legislative privacy requirements.

Together with Integrity Advocate, HSE International offers the ability for any customer who purchases a course on our system to upgrade their training experience to a proctored version of that course.


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