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Every incident impacts your workforce, their families, and your bottom line. Regardless of your situation, HSE International has a range of services that are customized to your organization to give you the ability to act quickly while saving time and resources. Whether it’s understanding your organization’s risk around a particular issue, finding and preparing evidence for an incident investigation, or even working through M&A activity. HSE International’s your complete support partner and gives you the power to create a safer workplace.

Select from the links below or download our catalogue of HSE International's 40+ consulting and training services here.

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Audit & Assurance

With the assurance we provide, we help you look ahead with vigor and confidence. In every audit, we begin by delivering a true and accurate picture of the world today, providing sound judgments on the health of your organization's HSE systems and platforms. 

  • Corporate Governance 

  • Internal Audits

  • Other Assurance Services



Our consulting practice specializes in converting strategies into measurable and sustained results. Based on our in-depth industry knowledge of the way in which successful organisations operate and excel, we work with organizations to build competitive advantage across all aspects of operations. 

  • Management System Design and Implementation 

  • Safety Strategy and Executive Coaching

  • Contractor Management

  • Safety Culture

  • Safety Technology and Analytics


Risk Advisory

At HSE International, we believe that with the right risk management approach, organizations can confidently seize the competitive advantage by balancing opportunities and risk. Leading organizations are strengthening their governance and management of these risks, while at the same time continuing to build relationships that assist in create untapped value.  

  • Risk Profiling 

  • Investigations

  • Assessment and Inspections

  • Capability Assessment and Monitoring

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing

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The professional environment is in constant evolution. OHS is becoming increasingly regulated, employees’ focus areas are changing rapidly, and it is essential to both gain knowledge and understand how to apply it in practice.

  • In-house and remote 

  • Online


Software Solutions

We have a range of easy-to-use global enterprise solutions developed to help organizations manage their risk and statutory obligations. With our network of passionate and focused practitioners, we are dedicated to helping organizations tackle their most complex challenges with enterprise applications..

  • Learning Management Systems 

  • Work Site Orientations

  • Training Record Management

  • SafeTapp

  • Digital Forms

  • Online Safety Training

  • Online Classroom Calendar

  • Commercial Driver Compliance

  • Online Compliance Folder System

  • ID Verification Technology

  • Equipment Management Software


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