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Training Record Management

With the HSE International's training record management system, you can easily upload your entire team’s training records and certificates to one central location. The system then takes care of the rest with automatic alerts to supervisors and employees when training is about to expire. That way, you can keep the entire team’s safety training up to date without manually reviewing spreadsheets.


Key Features

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Auto-Assigned Training

Use the Training Matrix to configure the automatic assignment of online courses when training records expire.

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Scheduled Excel Reports

Schedule automated emails containing reports on upcoming training expirations for users and topics.

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Training Matrix Integration

Instantly update training gap reporting by allowing user-uploaded training records to satisfy training requirements.

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Mobile Friendly

Access employee training record details from any smartphone, iPad, or Internet-ready mobile device.


Simple Supervisor Reviews

Reduce admin costs by allowing employees to upload records directly to their accounts for review/approval.

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Quick Upload

Make the setup process easy by instantly uploading thousands of training records directly into the system using Excel.


Training Matrix

The HSE International Training Record Management System comes with an integrated Training Matrix. This feature allows you to automatically assign required and optional training to your team, which frees up hours of time for your managers and administrators to complete other valuable work.

Training Matrix – Additional Features

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Assign By Location

An increasing number of companies have work sites or offices that have different training requirements. In the HSE International Training Matrix, you can assign specific training based on location. 

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Approve Training Providers

Plenty of training topics and courses are offered by more than one great training provider. For any training topic in the system, you can input all of the training providers that your company accepts.

Gap Analysis Reporting

A critical part of a great safety program is staying on top of expiring training as well as checking on employee training history to ensure they have met their requirements. The on-demand training gap reports, built directly into HSE International Training Record Management System, make it incredibly easy to pull the information you need to identify missing or expiring safety training.


Excel Compatibility

HSE International is fully compatible with Excel spreadsheets to help make the transition to a centrally managed training record system seamless for your team.

Moving your employee training records is done easily using drag & drop functionality to upload XSL or CSV files that contain user information, training certificates, and training history.


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