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Online Classroom Calendar

Tracking hundreds of classroom training courses, instructors, and registrations has never been this easy. Manage everything from bookings, instructors, courses, locations and virtual training.


Key Features

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Every classroom’s profile allows you to set its location, instructors, time and time zone, and even add notes and a list of equipment available for students and instructors.

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The classroom calendar software allows you to input and view instructor credentials including; résumés, certificates, teaching experience, and more!

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Classroom courses can be equipped with interactive materials and prerequisites. You can also link classroom training to online courses, competency assessments, and certificates of completion.

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Registration can link from your website, or you can register students with a simple Excel upload. Wait-list functionality keeps courses full while ensuring students don’t miss out if a seat opens up.


Course Assets

Whether your classroom inventory includes tablets and computers, documents and workbooks, or things like TVs and demo material, you can manage it all with ease.

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Instructor Dashboard

Instructors have complete control over what displays on the main screen or what materials they send to students’ devices, and it’s all done with simple drag and drop functionality.

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Google Maps API

The classroom calendar software has built-in Google integration, which means students can see the exact location of the classroom and get easy-to-follow directions.

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With built-in automated billing and invoicing, you can create custom payment terms and tax requirements. You can even add your own instructions to each invoice.

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Instructor Dashboard

During the classroom course, instructors can use the dashboard to drag and drop PowerPoints, exams, and other material to instantly display on the shared TV or computer screen for all students, or they can drag and drop material to the “Student Access” section to send it to the individual computer or tablet of every student in the class. This feature is perfect for group work or individual quizzes.

Instructors can also review quiz results in real time and see the average score of each question. This feature allows instructors to focus more time on the course content the participants found most challenging.

Complimentary Software

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Online Course Library

Interested in classroom and online training? Choose from over 1600 online courses available on HSE International's online training platform. We've partnered up with the top safety course providers to bring your employees the highest quality online training, which pairs perfectly with in-class training, to keep your team safe.

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Training Record Management

Stay informed with the Training Records Management System. Keep ahead of expiring training for every employee in your organization with robust gap analysis reporting that can drill down based on individual, company role, location, and more.


Generate Certificates

The HSE International system automatically generates a certificate when a student passes a course. You can then print or email that certificate and update their records.

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Student Workbooks

If you need supplementary learning materials to hand out in your in-class courses, our training team at HSE International can design world-class course materials based on your needs.


Competency Validation

Classroom and online training are critical to the safety of your employees, but assessing competency is even more important.  With the HSE International, you have access to digital 

competency assessments that are saved to each individual's profile and can be viewed at any time. access digital competency assessments that are saved to each individual's profile and can be viewed at any time.


Exam Engine

The HSE International system comes with an integrated exam engine, which means you can upload your questions and answers and have them randomly generated for students. It also allows you to see instant test results and you can quickly review questions that gave students trouble.


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