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OHS Legislative Training

Every organization has legislative responsibilities regarding health and safety in the workplace. While the need to ensure that your organization doesn’t create health and safety problems for your workers, customers or the public is important, understanding these responsibilities are essential.

There is a vast legal framework comprising of regulation, legislation, standards and codes of conduct that govern compliance with OHS legislation. Our legislative courses provides your team with the training to understand their obligations within this framework and how applicable health and safety laws operate within their workplace, assisting your organization in minimising potential risk.


Choose from our range of courses below

OHS Mock Trial  

Facilitated by former OHS prosecutors, experts in the law and OHS, this cultural jolt presentation simulates a real-life prosecution. Our Mock Trials are a unique and innovative method of experiential training, where the whole audience will become involved and which will push your people out of your risk management comfort zones. As well as challenging people’s thinking, the Mock Trials demonstrates OHS management responsibility in a fun yet serious and high impact way.

Executives’ Due Diligence

Presented by experts in the law and OHS, these workshops provide a clear, practical insight into the important role of your organization’s senior management team, the legal obligations, prosecution risks and measures necessary to give full and proper effect to the due diligence requirements of your occupational health and safety management system.

Supervisor & Worker OHS Duties

Our presentation has been designed to not only make your people aware of their personal legal duties, but also to emphasize in a practical and impactful way what the major constraints are at both a system and behavioral level that may be limiting your capability to operate at peak performance.

Managing Contractor OHS Risk

Establishing appropriate OHS specifications defining minimum safety standards, evaluating and assessing contractors against those standards and management systems and processes for ongoing review are all critical in demonstrating due diligence in this key area. The course explores these considerations in detail and provides practical guidance on how to manage the process.

Internal OHS Audit

From our experience, we fundamentally believe that organizations need to shift the internal audit focus approach away from assessing compliance, to encouraging active ownership and accountability with a focus on improvement and ‘what must go right’. This is a fundamental paradigm shift not only for organizations, but internal auditors working today. Our aim is to work with you to help grow and mature your internal audit approach and understanding so that your goals and objectives can be achieved.

Risk Profiling & Management

This course will aim to provide you with a good understanding of OHS risk management and why it is important. But why this is different to other courses, is that it focuses on the information being collected and how this information is used throughout the business. Not only to address your organization’s due diligence needs, but also allow for the OHS management system to be informed and updated using up-to-date information about OHS risk.


HSE International has partnered with Adobe Connect to bring you the best virtual OHS legislative training available. Contact us to find out more.

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