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Expert Witness Statements

Unfortunately regardless of even the best risk mitigations, accidents can still occur within the workplace, and sometimes they can end up in a legal action. Whatever the nature of your case, it is important to get an HSE expert involved who can cut through the speculation surrounding the case and get to the truth.

It is important to seek out an expert witness with specialized knowledge of the industry that is involved in your case so that the facts can be properly analysed and conveyed in the right way. HSE International offers experts who specialize in various industries and risk areas including biological, chemical, ergonomic, physical, psychosocial and general safety.


HSE International has over 20 years experience working with many major Fortune 500 companies advising them on their HSE legal issues. In addition, we have worked with numerous smaller organizations facing the same issues. Our hands-on approach to the legal field as an expert witness has assisted many law firms providing litigation support within North America and abroad. We have extensive experience as an expert witness, including provided research into standards, conducting mock inspections and trials, as well as incident investigations to assist in legal cases.

Our expert witness reports comply with both the Canadian and OSHA Expert Witness Codes of Conduct as well as the CSSE, BCSP and AIHS code of ethics.


We help clients in minimizing their legal exposure by providing expert litigation support.

HSE International brings a business mind-set combined with deep technical HSE knowledge and extensive industry experience.

For more information on how we can help, select CONTACT US below or call toll free on 866 337 4734 to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced team members today.


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