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Equipment Management Software

Whether you manage a shop full of welding equipment or a fleet of vehicles, you need processes in place to keep your important information and documents organized and stored safely. Some companies try to manually manage their equipment, using paper-based systems with high administrative costs and human error. In highly regulated industries, you must keep reports reliable, accurate, and readily available. Meeting these requirements can be challenging if physical copies of manuals, inspection forms, logbooks, and other important equipment documents and reports are in physical filing cabinets.

With the right software, you can eliminate the challenges of manually tracking essential equipment documents and records. HSE International's online equipment management software simplifies the management process by centralizing all current and historical data into one accessible location with minimal administrative setup.


Form Integration

HSE International’s Equipment Management Software is fully integrated with our online form builder. You can quickly create digital equipment maintenance forms, assign forms to specific pieces of equipment, and set the required frequency (e.g. daily, weekly, or monthly). Employees can then complete their required forms in the field, instantly uploading the new records into the software. The system then automatically organizes the forms according to the rules you set.

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Form Management

Create any digital form your company will use, such as pre-shift inspection forms, audit checklists, hours of service logs, maintenance reports, and repair forms. Once created, online forms can be completed on site using a smartphone or tablet.


Frequency Settings

Customize form completion dates and frequencies for each piece of equipment. Automatically send email reminders to specified personnel to ensure your procedures are followed and that you stay ahead of deadlines.

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Multimedia Input

Give your employees the ability to import videos and images into forms and upload them to equipment profiles. You can also communicate expectations and requirements to your team members by recording a video and uploading it to the form.

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Maintenance Tickets

You can use forms to trigger maintenance tickets for your equipment, then have qualified employees track and manage maintenance with the most updated information.

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Automatic Notifications

Automatically send notifications after employees identify equipment defects, maintenance concerns, or potential safety issues. You can also create automated alerts to management if notifications go unaddressed for a specified period of time.

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Form Reporting

Monitor and manage equipment by accessing form reporting. View all completed forms and identify the ones that are incomplete or late.

Tracking Made Easy

Stop chasing forms, reports, and employees to find the statuses of your company’s equipment. With the HSE International's software, you can track the location and status of a particular piece of equipment – and so much more.


Qualified Personnel Tracking

Designate which employees are qualified to use each piece of equipment. Select all employees or select specific people to complete forms for their assigned pieces of equipment. Automate email notifications so employees complete their assigned forms at set times and frequencies.

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Mileage Tracking

Enter current mileage into the software to track a piece of equipments' total mileage. Set completion schedule based on mileage for inspection and equipment maintenance safety forms, and notify assigned employees when mileage milestones are reached.

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Hours or Operation Tracking

Enter and track the number of hours a piece of equipment has been in operation. Set completion requirements for inspection and maintenance safety forms based on your preset hour-of-operation milestones to ensure the equipment meets the manufacturer

inspection and maintenance requirements.


Advanced Analytics

Use detailed reports to track which pieces of equipment are causing problems, most frequently used, and most often requested. See the progress of equipement issues in one centralized document.

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Equipment Registration

Simply create a profile for each piece of equipment or asset, then add information such as serial numbers, manufacturer, model, and mileage. You can also add a status to your equipment profiles. For example, you can list a forklift as operational, locked out, or a number of other status options.

Customized Hierarchies

Set up your equipment types and statuses, then categorize your equipment for easy organization and searches. For example, if you need to see which cranes are operational, select “Cranes” as the type and select “Operational” as the status to see all results that fit those two criteria.

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Document Storage

With HSE International's software, you can store and view manuals, daily logs, parts lists, insurance documents, lockout/tagout procedures, and many other documents related to your company equipment or machinery. No more missing or damaged paper manuals.


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