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    Novel Coronavirus - COVID-19

The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is having an unprecedented impact globally, and as the number of positive cases increase within Canada and the United States, we anticipate there will be a significant impact on local markets.

HSE International is treating the developing COVID-19 public health threat with the utmost seriousness. We are deeply committed to the health and well-being of our team, and that of our clients. Consistent with global good practice, we have activated our continuity protocols and are actively monitoring and responding to the COVID-19 situation.

While we are all learning to operate differently, HSE International is working to make it easy for our clients and their teams to connect with us – and this means finding new ways to deliver our services. To get people back to work faster after illness, and to ensure our clients continue to meet their statutory obligations with regards to protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of their people, previously site-based assessments can now be completed remotely. Our experts are also offering complimentary consultations to address the myriad of issues facing small companies, governments, first responders, and healthcare providers. Please contact us by selecting the contact us link at the bottom of this page or by calling 1 866 337 4734.

Navigating uncertainty is a hallmark of HSE International. Our clients routinely engage us to help them solve critical challenges related to their people, assets, compliance and operations. We are now assessing their unique requirements arising from COVID-19 and the associated global economic downturn. Following is a summary of relevant service offerings and supporting material from our website.


Managing the new normal: Roadmap to recovery through strategic OHS initiatives
A framework for businesses looking to recover and build from COVID-19

Twelve months after the pandemic started, our latest perspective looks that the current dynamics and trends that have formed. We look at the 4 main trend areas and discuss our observations and what opportunities businesses can capitalize on - both in the short and long term - positioning themselves for a more structured response, get ahead of the game, and recover from COVID-19.

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 11.49.36 PM.png
Managing the new normal
Respond Recover Build.jpg



In the first phase of a crisis, organizations are typically responding to the new circumstances in a way which ensures business continuity and which prevents short-term damage from rising trends (eg. lack of liquidity, loss of important customers). A reaction which has been observable in almost every industry across the globe in the last 12 months.



The second phase is heavily based on fast learning and the subsequent adaptation to the new business context. What does our industry landscape look like? What additional legislative obligations do we now have? To what degree did the expectations of our customers change? Is our operating model still the right one to serve rising customer needs and changing OHS regulations? These are questions that should be answered. Dedicated trend research is an inevitable part of making the right decisions.



Once it becomes clear what a “new normal” could look like, organizations start to implement the measures required to become more resilient for a future crisis, as well as those required for future growth. A continuous tracking of implemented lessons learned, in combination with a regular trend review add up to increased resilience with growth opportunities and makes the organization stronger for the future. 

How Can We Support You?
Crisis Management & Business Continuity
  • Expert, onsite assistance and ability to act as an embedded member of your crisis management team, and/or provide virtual ongoing emergency response support

  • Highlight weaknesses in your existing business continuity and disaster recovery plans and recommend updates using best practices

  • Creation and implementation of emergency preparedness and emergency action plans in response to existing or emerging concerns including methods of facility shutdown and downsizing of staff

  • Business continuity plans for immediate, medium and long-term concerns of corporate viability

  • Facilitate tabletop exercises for company leadership and designated response teams that consider the unique aspects of the organization

  • Assess pandemic risks within your organization or across your third-party ecosystem

Disputes Consulting
  • Advisory to boards of directors, c-suite and their legal advisers, relating to crisis management, internal investigations, risk assessments and mitigation strategies, business continuity planning, vendor management, risk disclosures and governance

  • Expert consultancy, analysis and testimony in connection with disputes and investigations resulting from regulatory/law enforcement, shareholder, and/or counterparty actions, including incident investigations

Compliance & Regulatory Consulting

  • Business continuity guidance for asset management companies and financial institutions

  • Incident and crisis management support for senior management

  • Review of risk management processes

Compliance Risk & Diligence

  • Operational risks identification through a complete operational and system audit

  • Mitigate operational disruption by proactively assessing and mitigating compliance risks

  • Assess third-party and downstream vulnerabilities, such as their jurisdiction and business continuity plans

Communication and proactivity are two of our core values here at HSE International, which is why we providing COVID resources to support you onsite. These resources are designed to communicate accurate, reliable information to your employees in a simple and easy to understand way. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we will continue to update and add to our resources centre so that you have up-to-date, quality information to share with your team. To view these resources please click the link below.

While COVID-19 has resulted in some changes to our day-to-day operations, we remain calm, confident and resilient through these changes and we continue to serve clients with minimal disruption. It may not business as usual, but we are still open for business.

100% of sales from COVID documentation purchased in the HSEI Store will be donated to support hospitals and healthcare providers fighting COVID-19 via


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