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     Certificate of Recognition (COR)


COR and SECOR Services and Assistance

At HSE International we can assist your company in each step of becoming certified in either the Certificate of Recognition (COR) or Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) program. Our team of experienced and certified auditors can also assist with the development and implementation of a health and safety management system that meets and exceeds the requirements of either certification, as well as providing peace of mind that you are in compliance with today's legislation and regulations. By achieving COR/SECOR, your company will be better prepared to demonstrate due diligence and have a greater advantage when bidding on work in the industry you are in.

Our auditors are widely recognized as experts in their fields and combine in-depth knowledge of both Canadian and international regulatory programs along industry expertise to help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Program Development and Gap Analysis


One of the most important foundations of the COR/SECOR certification program is ensuring that your health and safety management system meets the minimum legislative and program requirements. At HSE International we can assist with conducting a gap analysis of your existing program for complete consistency reviews or pre-audits to ensure the program is running effectively and efficiently. From the gap analysis, HSE International will generate a detailed report which outlining areas of compliance, areas of improvement, and any relevant recommendations. This report can serve as a road map for improvement for any health and safety management system.

After your gap analysis has been completed and it has been determined where improvements or changes to your program are required, we can help you work on these areas to meet both legislative and COR/SECOR requirements including hazard and risk management, policy and procedure development, and employee training. If needed, we can also assist in developing of a complete customized program that meets and exceeds the COR/SECOR requirements. Furthermore, HSE International can also provide onsite assistance to clients during the external audit.

Internal Audit Assistance, Maintenance and Monitoring


COR/SECOR is an ongoing process that requires consistent maintenance after the successful completion of the external audit and receipt of your Certificate Of Recognition. For the second and third years, additional maintenance audits must be completed and submitted for review. These audits must be successfully passed in order to receive a Letter of Good Standing and maintain your COR/SECOR status. 


A COR maintenance audit, otherwise known as an internal audit, is conducted on the two calendar years following a COR certification audit. These audits are completed by a certified internal or external auditor. HSE International can provide the expertise to help your organization overcome the challenges of an internal audit function from staff turnover to a lack of specialised skills. We offer internal audit co-sourcing, resource support, access to specialised skills or full outsourcing, depending on your needs.

For more information about our COR/SECOR support, select CONTACT US below or call toll free on 866 337 4734 to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced team members today.

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