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Consumer & Industrial Products (C&IP)

HSE International provides integrated services to firm clients across the entire value chain, from raw materials to the end consumer. We bring together the knowledge of global consumer business and global manufacturing professionals throughout the HSE International network.


We help our clients “get it right” in today’s complex world.

HSE International brings a business mind-set combined with deep technical HSE knowledge and extensive industry experience.

Consumer Products


Serving organizations in a range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation & logistics and consumer electronics, helping them solve their biggest HSE challenges from strategy to execution.

Chemicals & Specialty Materials


In the chemicals & specialty materials sector, consolidation, increased competition, and economic uncertainty are generating both massive opportunities and risks. At HSE International, our range of services is focused on helping you improve performance in a competitive market.

Retail, Wholesale & Distribution


Helping organizations identify, understand, and respond to the changing trends, different business models, and diverse opportunities in the rapidly evolving retail landscape.



Our team helps automotive companies, including original equipment manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, aftermarket or finance companies, execute good ideas in exceptional ways.

Industrial Products & Services


Delivering innovative, practical knowledge and experience to help top organizations in the fields of industrial products and aerospace & defense improve overall business HSE performance.

Travel, Hospitality & Services


Providing business services and strategic HSE guidance for travel, hotel, restaurant, food service, resort and gaming organizations.

For more information about how we can work together to improve your safety culture and refine your safety systems, select CONTACT US below or call toll free on 866 337 4734 to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced team members today.

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