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Site and Building Inspections

Safety inspections are undertaken to identify and evaluate the inherent hazards in the building/structure that may impact occupants use of the building. HSE International provide a range of site and building safety inspections for both tenants and owners that contrast the property against known workplace health and safety related standards. By conducting a safety inspection of a property, you can also evaluate potential risks and quantify costs associated with rectification of the safety issues identified.

HSE International has extensive experience in providing HSE and public liability consulting services to the property sector including commercial and industrial properties throughout the globe. We are ideally placed to assist your organization by ensuring you are minimizing the risks associated with your managed property, meeting all your or insurer’s requirements, and minimizing potential exposure of public liability claims.

Facility managers are faced with various challenges in ensuring the health and safety of tenants, their workers (employees and contractors) and the public within the areas under their control. In addition, properties always have a number of inherent HSE risks associated with their older designs, fittings, activities undertaken by tenants, installed plant, air conditioning systems and so on. Under OHS legislation, both occupiers or controllers of premises are required to ensure the health and safety of everyone accessing and using those premises under their control.


We help clients in minimizing the risks associated with their managed properties.

HSE International brings a business mind-set combined with deep technical HSE knowledge and extensive industry experience.

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